RevitaliZe ™ – A New Affordable Dental Implant Alternative

At Englewood Dental, providing our patients long-term good health while helping them to look and feel their very best is a main priority. For our patients who have missing or loose teeth, simple activities such as eating favorite foods, speaking clearly and socializing can be worrisome, even embarrassing. We offer many alternatives but the newest, extremely affordable technology available is RevitaliZe ™ by Zimmer.

This innovative New Jersey dental implant solution is lasting, permanent and far less costly than traditional implants, but at the same time, is an immediate solution for complete upper or lower tooth replacement. RevitaliZe ™ employs NJ cosmetic dental implant technology to place implants into the bone beneath the gums just like more expensive dental implants. Dental crowns are then fastened to the implants, resulting in comfort, strength, appearance and durability as similar to original teeth as possible. Our patients are finding this new technology a cost-saving alternative that offers the natural results they desire. Once in place, the new teeth are easy to care for – clean them just like you would your natural teeth. No soaking, storing or adhesives necessary.

RevitaliZe ™ makes the days of removable bridges and dentures, shifting teeth and messy adhesives to hold teeth in place something endured in the distant past.

  • Eat the foods you love without pain or embarrassment.
  • Speak naturally and with greater confidence.
  • Be assured that your teeth will not slip, shift or fall out.
  • Improve the appearance of your teeth and facial features.
  • Socialize without the fear of your teeth embarrassing you.
  • Care for RevitaliZe ™ in a similar way to natural teeth.
  • Enjoy teeth that are fixed into your gum, not removable, just like natural teeth.
  • Forget about adhesives or snaps to hold teeth into place.

Call our New Jersey cosmetic dentistry office at Center for Implants and Aesthetics at Englewood Dental Phone Number 201-871-3555 and schedule a free consultation with our NJ implant dentist (normal value $165) to learn more about RevitaliZe ™ and if this could be the solution for you. Our New Jersey cosmetic dentists are happy to explain various options to ensure you get the smile and confidence you deserve!