Meet the Staff

Claire Reilly, Office Manager
With over 15 years at Englewood Dental, Claire oversees the day to day operations of our clinical surgical, general, implant, orthodontic, and pediatric practices. She works hard to make sure you can rely on a smooth visit at each appointment.

“I enjoy working at Englewood Dental because I love interacting with our patients, the best part of our practice! “

Tamra O’Connor, Receptionist/Insurance Coordinator
Tamra ensures the first contact anyone has with our practice is a warm and friendly one, whether on the telephone or in person. She is responsible for maintaining our schedule and keeping our patient information up-to-date so that making appointments and arranging insurance matters is as stress-free as possible for you.

“I really enjoy working here because of the kind staff and comfortable atmosphere. It’s a positive work environment and our patients are great!”

Esther Yang, Education Coordinator
Esther is in charge of all the postgraduate educational programs our office provides to other doctors. These programs vary from lectures at our Center, national meetings to live patient surgical courses. Esther is Bilingual, speaking fluent Korean.

“As the Education Coordinator of the Dental Implant Learning Center, my duty is to ensure all the participants from our course receive the proper support. It is my responsibility to coordinate and organize all of our courses to make sure they are fully planned before arrival. My goal is to create the best learning experience for our students!”

Jaylyn Simms, Marketing & Website Coordinator
In her role as Marking Coordinator, Jaylyn implements and analyzes the various marketing campaigns for our practice, as well as maintains our blog and newsletter. As Website Coordinator, she helps develop and maintain our website so our patients can get the information they need in a user-friendly experience.

“I’m proud to be part of the Englewood Dental team and to be able to contribute to a premium experience for our patients. “

Ellen Lombardi, B.S. RDH
As a highly valued member, Ellen’s exceptional warmth, professionalism, compassion and level of care has made her an integral part of the Englewood Dental team. Our patients love her thorough attention to detail in their hygienic maintenance, and her way of making each appointment into a friendly visit. A former faculty member of Bergen Community College, School of hygiene, Ellen is both a provider and educator to our patients and is always here for your questions or concerns.

“I always say that if it wasn’t for Englewood Dental I would probably be in another profession. This office is different in that it provides the best clinical care in a warm, friendly and caring environment”

Lynn Pauli, Senior Surgical Assistant
Lynn is a key player in keeping our assistant’s training up-to-date and being sure each doctor has the assistant support they need for the daily agenda. She coordinates with both our inside laboratory and outside providers to make sure our patients receive the highest standards of care in a timely manner.

“At Englewood Dental, I get to see so many different procedures because we provide all types of treatment in one office. I particularly love working with the pediatric specialists and the children”

Jennifer Yang, Surgical Coordinator
Jennifer is one of the professions most skilled surgical assistants. She maintains the surgical supply for Englewood Dental and The Dental Implant Learning Center, making sure our doctors have the necessary items on hand for our patient care. Jennifer is also involved with ordering and organizing supplies, making sure all our various educational courses and programs have the materials required to seamlessly fulfill the needs of our referring doctors and patients. Jennifer is Bilingual, speaking fluent Korean and English, a huge asset to our Korean-speaking patients

“I really love assisting at Englewood Dental since the treatment is so highly technical and I know our office has the most skilled clinicians around”

Dental Assistants

Robyn Young, Dental Assistant
One of our newest team members, Robyn brings exceptional assisting skills to our patients. She works closely with Dr. Karolyn Kopcza in providing orthodontic treatment to both adults and children.

“I like working at Englewood Dental because I enjoy interacting with our patients and have a passion for dentistry.”

Kathleen Villalva, Dental Assistant
As a dental assistant with aspirations of becoming a dentist, Kathleen shows a passion for dentistry and high level of care for our patients. Speaking both Spanish and English, she’s an asset to our team.

“I love smiling and making others smile. The best part of working at Englewood Dental is that I’m making our patients smile daily!”

Megan Meier, Dental Assistant
Megan is definitely one of the friendliest dental assistants you’ll meet. She is very committed to her work and to our patients, striving to create a comfortable, relaxed environment at each visit.

“I love interacting with our patients, helping them improve their oral health, and knowing that a patient is comfortable with my presence chairside”.

Nikki Dwarika, Dental Assistant
Nikki is a great assistant who loves to connect with our patients. She enjoys showing new patients our office and explaining the benefits and services our practice can provide.

“I love helping people improve their smile, health, and happiness”.

DJ Mayosky, Dental Assistant
DJ has over 10 years of experience as a dental assistant. Her sunny disposition and friendliness put our patients at ease, while her experience contributes to a smooth visit. DJ is currently pursuing a career in dental hygiene and speaks fluent English and Spanish.
Mo Kyung Choi, Ceramicist & Owner of MK Labs
It is our pleasure to have Mr. Choi and MK Labs onsite at Englewood Dental. Mr. Choi is able to meet and interact with patients, enabling him to precisely customize each restoration and deliver high quality, perfectly aesthetic results.