Advantage Arrest™: Silver Diamine Fluoride 38%

Silver Diamine Fluoride has been utilized for hundreds of years, and is now easier to use than ever!



What it Is:
The first ever cavity-fighting liquid, Silver Diamine Fluoride, stops and reverses tooth decay before it appears. Halting the formation of caries (decay) in an earlier stage ultimately prevents the need for dental procedures as one gets older.

What it Does:
Restricts and reverses the progress of an already formed cavity in permanent and primary teeth.  Once applied to the decaying tooth, a layer of silver protein conjugates form, which then increases the acid dissolution and enzymatic digestion resistance. The silver mimics an antimicrobial, the fluoride remineralizes, and the proteins that decompose dentin stop. It stains substances that have been decayed or demineralized, helping to differentiate between the healthy and unhealthy parts of the tooth.

Benefits/ Reasons to Use:

  • Ensures instant relief from oral hypersensitivity
  • Helps kill/fight off pathogenic organisms
  • Increases dentin resistance against acid & abrasion (by hardening it)
  • Won’t stain enamel or dentin
  • Gives quick & vital reaction responses by staining visible/hidden lesions
  • New blue color makes for easier application
  • Antimicrobial
  • Can be applied by dental hygienists & assistants
  • Helps increase acid dissolution resistance
  • Increases mineral density and hardness while the lesion depth decreases
  • No post-treatment restrictions/limitations
  • Odorless
  • Outperforms other related treatments
  • Quick & easy application
  • No more than 5 minutes
  • No need for Air or water, Instruments, Anesthesia.

Clinical Solutions

  • An alternative to restorative treatment
  • Prevents secondary decay
  • No general anesthesia or oral sedation necessary
  • Behavioral or medical management
  • Decaying lesions that can’t be treated in a single visit
  • Easier for those with difficulty accessing dental care
  • For difficult to treat dental carious lesions

Useful for…

  • Behavioral or medical management patients
  • Carious lesions that can’t be treated in one visit
  • Difficult to treat lesions
  • High risk decaying teeth
  • Pediatrics
  • Decaying roots
  • Teeth sensitivity

What you should know:

  • Teeth stains are indicators of antimicrobial effectiveness.
  • It doesn’t polish away because the stain of the lesion maintains its dark color, creating a long-lasting antimicrobial effect.
  • SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) stains decaying areas and soft-tissues.
  • You don’t have to worry about permanent staining.
  • It won’t stain healthy enamel or dentin.
  • It can be reduced by gentle polishing with tincture of weak iodine solution or by being covered with Glass Ionomer.
  • Stains become noticeable after a few hours.
  • Staining is restricted to direct areas of contact.
  • Staining fades within 24-72 hours in soft-tissue areas.
  • It will stain most objects (clothing, counters, floors, and instruments).
  • SDF is an FDA regulated prescription medical device.

Advantage Arrest is the first Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the FDA for an oral care product.


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