3 Simple Swaps for a Smile-Friendly Thanksgiving

give thanks for your teeth picture of tooth with turkey costume

Be thankful for a beautiful smile with 3 ways to keep your mouth happy and healthy during Thanksgiving Dinner.




  1. Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving dinner can be both tasty and good for your teeth. Turkey contains phosphorus, which combines with Vitamin D and Calcium for strong teeth and bones. Fiber-rich fruits and veggies such as sweet potatoes and cranberries can help clean teeth by stimulating saliva production. Just be careful not to go for the sticky sweet cranberry sauce or sweet potato casserole, instead, try sides like these Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes.


  1. But skimp on Dessert

Many traditional Thanksgiving desserts are loaded with sugar and stick to the teeth until long after the final score on the Thanksgiving football game. Instead of the skipping dessert altogether, try lower sugar or miniature versions of your favorite desserts, like these Miniature Thanksgiving Desserts.


  1. Sip Sensibly

Skip the sugary juice and soda and opt instead for water as your beverage of choice. Water can help wash away stuck on food and limits the amount of sugar that sits on your teeth. Water also helps increase your saliva flow, keeping teeth clean between brushing. And if your Thanksgiving feast includes cocktails, these White Themed Cocktails will keep your toasts stain-free.


turkey with sign that says floss


By trying these simple mealtime swaps, limiting the amount of time you spend snacking before and after dinner, and being diligent with your hygiene routine, you can give thanks for a healthy beautiful smile throughout the holiday season.